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2023 Spring Conference

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Hey guys! If you haven't already, join the Fall Conference 2023 group chat.

Find out more about SB692 and how it directly effects N4CSGA and your SGA's, by clicking on the below graphic. Please share and sign. More information will be provided tomorrow afternoon, about our on going efforts and other ways you can participate. Please feel free to share our petition. If you would like to be included in future N4CSGA emails about our on going efforts regarding SB692 please message us your contact information.

N4CSGA Executive Board Open Position Alert

Now that we are through the election process, we will go to an interview process for the following open positions:

Special Populations Chair


Eastern Division Chair

Interviews will be held virtually or in-person on April 28th at Fayetteville Tech CC. Packets with the following information are due by Monday, April 24 by 3 pm.

Alexandra Versace
Central Division

Hey, I hope all of you got home safely yesterday. Thank you for being a part of Spring Conference 2023! I loved to see all the motions that were being discussed and the ones that came through! You all did an amazing job at this conference! You are all amazing advocates for your campus. If this is your last year at your college or in SGA, don't let this be the end of your advocacy and leadership. Continue with your passion no matter where you go!

Central Division


Spring conference 2023 has come to the end

I've never thought I'll be part of such an amazing group called N4CSGA in my whole life. We became a strong family full of wisdom. As an individual person I learned lots of thing that I've never knew about, and what's more important is we all are different and special in our own ways. Behalf of my college The FTCC I would like to thank everyone who were participating and made sure we have a great weekend and have fun, who made sure we (the Muslims) get what we need to be full and not suffer, who were like a mother and a father and motivated us through out this weekend, last but not least thank you for people who is above all that work. Our legacy is "small steps, big impact" and I can say that today we stepped into…


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