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2023 Spring Conference

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Adopt a Board Member

We have ONE more board member left that needs a school to adopt them. Remember there is spirit points for participating. Advisor Skouby will send you the name of a board member and a list of their "Favorite Things", to help guide you in the process. You can send them pick-me-ups, snacks, quotes, etc to show them appreciation for the work they do throughout the conference (starts Friday, March 31st).

Please email Senior Advisor Tiffany Skouby to participate: and shhhhhh it's a secret so don't revel yourself #incognito


Here's the catch: the goal is to be "incognito" and not get caught leaving them items in their baskets. If you succeed you will score spirit points for your school. For participating your school will receive 100 spirit points. If you wish to reveal yourself prior to Sunday morning, you may do so but if you don't get caught your school will receive 250 points on top of your participation points. If you haven't been caught by Sunday morning you will reveal yourself to the board before the start of the business meeting.


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