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2023 Spring Conference

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We are adding some awesome things to the schedule like a morning mediation session! Find out what you need to bring below to participate. This will be Saturday morning from 7:15 am - 8:00 am.

Morning Meditation and Movement

Wake up to the day with a refreshing and positive exercise in mindfulness and meditation. The purpose of this session is to unfold the day with affirming oneself and awakening the body to set the intention for the day.

Participants should wear comfortable clothing; bare feet or socks welcomed. Bring writing tools for journaling (paper, journal, notebook, pen, or pencil). Other suggested items include a towel or mat; pillows for resting the head, back, or for maximizing seating comfort is advisable. If you have neck, back, or other concerns, modification of sitting postures is welcome and invited. This is a safe space for all.

During this experience, participants can expect to respond in writing to a journal prompt, be fueled by positive affirmations, listen to calming music, engage in light stretching poses, and spend time in guided meditation.

Participants will leave more focused and intentional about how the navigate the rest of the day. Tools offered can be used on a daily basis to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. These are foundational to having a sound mind that is fit for decision making, emotional balance, and positive social interactions.

Hosted by: Beverly Lewis - Forsyth Technical CC Director, Student Life and Engagement

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