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2023 Spring Conference

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So our theme is "Small Steps Big Impact: Step Into 2023", we would like you to build our conference soundtrack. When you see that theme what song would you associate with it and why? Tell us below your schools name, post the song name/artist, and tell us why you chose that to represent our theme.

*We can't wait for you to hear some of the songs at conference we have picked 😎

Renuka khatri
Renuka khatri
29 mars 2023

Jaylen Williford, Forsyth Technical Community College. “It’s time to take it, I’m the boss right now” this line best tells how ambitions and overachieving our students are at Forsyth Tech, “What’s wrong with being confident?” and “So you say I’m complicated, but you had me underrated” many of our students has faced many trials and obstacles but during their journey at Tech many have become strong and confident leaders during or after leaving Tech. They start of small but by the end, make that big impact.



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