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2023 Spring Conference

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Spring conference 2023 has come to the end

I've never thought I'll be part of such an amazing group called N4CSGA in my whole life. We became a strong family full of wisdom. As an individual person I learned lots of thing that I've never knew about, and what's more important is we all are different and special in our own ways. Behalf of my college The FTCC I would like to thank everyone who were participating and made sure we have a great weekend and have fun, who made sure we (the Muslims) get what we need to be full and not suffer, who were like a mother and a father and motivated us through out this weekend, last but not least thank you for people who is above all that work. Our legacy is "small steps, big impact" and I can say that today we stepped into the world and we are ready to impact our world in a positive way.

Thank yon N4CSGA for all your hard work.

Rehman Shakir
Rachel Belue
Savannah Boseman


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