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2023 Spring Conference

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Cultural Enrichment

We are excited to say we have partnered with the Youth Legislative Assembly to give our students an opportunity to meet legislators, discuss current bills, and eat lunch with them. This activity will happen from 2 pm - 4:30 pm on Saturday, April 1st in Raleigh at the NC General Assembly. We are providing you with the opportunity to purchase a chick-fil-a box lunch for your advisors and students at a discounted price, we will provide drinks.

Box Lunch Prices:

· Chick-fil- Sand box lunch: $8.33 each (Sandwich, cookie, bag of chips)

· Gluten free Box Lunch: $9.53 each (Grilled filet, gf bun, lettuce, tomatoes, and a bag of chips)

· Market salad (apples, strawberries, blueberries, blue cheese)

o $9.15 with no chicken

o $12.59 with chicken

· Grilled Chicken Salad (corn, cheese, bacon, egg, tomatoes)

o Cobb salad with no chicken $ 9.15

o Cobb salad with chicken $12.35

· Veggie Wrap box lunch $13.93 each (Veggie wrap, cookie, and chips)

Please have each delegate and advisor in your group fill out the below form, each school will receive an invoice to pay for lunch. Deadline is March 10

April 1 Lunch Order - Formstack

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