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2023 Spring Conference

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Networking Round Tables

*Friday Night Activity

7 pm - 9 pm

Royal Room

As part of the session you will have a chance to "network" with various organizations that either align with N4CSGA's mission or universities around the state who are looking to admit leaders like you. The N4CSGA board have created a "Passport" card that students will be given, and the goal is to go to each table and talk with members of these organizations and find out ways in which they can get involved with them. They will place their signature on the card to show you have "networked" with them.

We are encouraging those who are Universities to bring with them a member of their Student Government Association or student leaders, to interact with students and to share their experiences.

Each school that has at least 1 student fill out the entire passport card will be given 50 Spirit Points for participating. Students who fill out the entire card will be entered for prize packs, gift cards, and more.

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