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N4CSGA Executive Board Open Position Alert Now that we are through the election process, we will go to an interview process for the following open positions: Special Populations Chair Parliamentarian Eastern Division Chair

Interviews will be held virtually or in-person on April 28th at Fayetteville Tech CC. Packets with the following information are due by Monday, April 24 by 3 pm. The following must be included: ■ Statement of why they are running for the position (platform) and qualifications ■ Recommendation Letter ■ Letter of support from college that they will cover costs, travel, etc ■ Statement from registar, etc stating that the student is enrolled in 6 credit hours, and has a 2.5 gpa or higher. ■ Packet Due by April 24 at 3 pm ■ Interviews: April 28, in-person or virtual ( at Fayetteville Tech CC/or via Zoom)

*members of the incoming board and outgoing board will be part of the interview selection committee.

*Packet due to


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Eastern Delegates

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