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Fall Conference 2023!!!

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Has the letter regarding SB 692 been sent to the Boards of Trustees yet?

Tony Pile
Tony Pile
Jan 18

It has been written and approved by the N4CSGA board. I will be presenting it tomorrow at the State Board Meeting and it will be sent to the BOT's in the near future.


Happy New Year!!!

Our newsletter is out, use the link below to take a look!

Let's take this time to think back on what we did last year and make plans to do even more this year. 2024 better get prepared for the Power of Many

Michael McBryde King

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Hey everyone, it's been a while!

We want to see conference from your perspective. It's been great seeing all of the posts on social media. Feel free to upload photos to this group and be on the lookout for a few recap post from N4C on Instagram and Facebook.

Brandi Keehnle
Tiffany Bere

What was the NC bill that made the seat of the SGA president on the Board of Trustees an option?

Thomas Williams
Elle Hargrave
Elle Hargrave
Nov 07, 2023

The original bill was SB 692, but the decision was rolled I to this year's budget.



Welcome to our 2023 N4CSGA Fall Conference! Please feel free...


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