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Fall Conference 2023!!!

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N4CSGA is getting pumped up for conference and we want to have a 3v3 Basketball tournament. Each school can have only 1 team, and schools will need to register 3 students in order to be qualified as a team. Students will get 2 points if the shot is within the paint (Inbounds), and 3 points if they shoot at the free-throw line or behind it. The team who gets 21 points first wins the match and will be moved up the bracket. Schools will receive 25 spirit points for participating. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will receive bonus spirit points! Please bring an extra outfit for this activity, we want you to be well prepared to show your sporty spirit!

Where: Top left north area, main floor.

When: Friday, November 3rd at 9:20 PM

Azeeza Evelyna


Welcome to our 2023 N4CSGA Fall Conference! Please feel free...


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