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Fall Conference 2023!!!

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Hernan Nicasio
Hernan Nicasio

Hello everyone! My name is Hernan Nicasio, and I here as a senator Gaston College! I hope that you all were able to learn more about event ideas, leadership mentalities, and issues affecting community colleges across the state, as well as meet new and like minded leaders!

I have a few topics that I would love to talk more about with other community colleges before Fall Conference ends, and potentially make a motion about!

IDD (delayed development) students are a special population that Gaston College has, and I was wondering if, knowing that some of these students may experience sensory issues, other colleges had methods in any methods in place for accommodating those students. An idea I had was the possible promotion of sensory friendly rooms which students could have access to, or also things like headphones which could protect students from loud noises.

I also was curious if overexertion/student stress was a concern in other community colleges, and if there were any methods being currently employed to reduce it. Would a push for more stress management, balancing work and enjoyment of life, workshops and the like be beneficial? Is overexertion/stress more of a local issue best addressed by each community college?

Finally, what transportation issues have your community colleges run into? Are many students having to travel long distances in order to get to the college? Is public transport a reasonable option for your specific area?

I would really appreciate your input regarding these issues. However, if anyone would like any thoughts or advice on any motions/ideas they have, I would be more than happy to assist!

Also, if anyone is participating in the Tik Tok or Costume contests this evening, just a friendly reminder that Gaston College is walking away with those spirit points.

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Welcome to our 2023 N4CSGA Fall Conference! Please feel free...


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