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Fall Conference 2023!!!

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N4CSGA is still feeling the Halloween spirit! We’re having a Halloween Costume competition, and we’re doing it runway style! There is no theme, students can use any costume they want as long as it follows your school's code of conduct. Students will have 20 minutes to change into their costumes and prepare to walk down the runway. Your walk will occur during the banquet so everyone can peep the fit! We will have a live vote on who has the best costume after the rundown show is done. Each individual who participates will get 25 spirit points, and winners will receive awards and bonus spirit points for their college. There is no limit to the amount of students who can enter from each college. There will be separate divisions for individuals, advisors and group costumes.

When: Saturday, November 4th at 8:00

Where: Multipurpose Room 2

Azeeza Evelyna


Welcome to our 2023 N4CSGA Fall Conference! Please feel free...


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