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Spring Conference 2024

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Scavenger Hunt Competition:

Rules: A scavenger hunt will be going on throughout all of the conference. The designated items/clues/people you will need to look for will be on a sheet that will be given out at the conference. Engage with your classmates and delegates to seek out the items first and be the winners of the scavenger hunt! 

  • Where: Imperial Convention Center

  • When: April 5th- April 7th, Starts During Opening Ceremony

  • How: As students make it to the conference, there will be a list of items that they will need to find in order to gain spirit points AND win the competition. Items will also be announced by the 

Spirit Point Rewards: 1st Place: 125 SP; 2nd Place: 85; 3rd Place: 55


Riddle 1: A snapshot with this board member is what you’ll need, To complete your quest and finish the deed, The clue that gets priority, Is that they represent the minority.

Riddle 2: Conference planning falls on me. So I’m someone you’ll want to see. Take a pic with your VP.

Riddle 3: To make a whole family, intermingle you must, with another congregation, to you we entrust.

Riddle 4: We all work together, and got this far, take a picture of this group, while you are snacking.

Riddle 5:  Serving as one of the board, my position is all kinds of fun. Try to get a picture with I and earn the points from this great guy. 

Riddle 6: Just for fun take a picture of your delegation having fun during Cultural Enrichment. 

Riddle 7: They represent and they are just like you. They are students, leaders, and pretty cool too. When you find them, make a memory and take a selfie, too. Hurry quick before it is through.

Riddle 8: This picture is taken during your fun. Night is the best time, time for a picture of your favorite vendor, just have fun and always remember.

Riddle 9: You spend minutes, sometimes hours, in this room making sure that motions are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound. Take a selfie of yourself or fellow conference attendees here. 

Riddle 10: The last of the pictures is the hardest of all. Take a picture with the one who reigns over them all. She is the one who made it all happen, she is the one who keeps us in an orderly fashion.


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