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Hello all!

For anyone that is or knows anyone planning on attending our Town Hall this Friday Sept. 30th, it has been postponed due to inclement weather this weekend. I apologize, it's a long drive for a lot of us and all your safety takes priority, so the board has come to a consensus. You'll hear from me as soon as a new date is established.

***That said, who plans on being at Fall Conference this year? (October 14th through 16th, Greensboro Coliseum Koury Convention Center, Sheraton Greensboro Hotel)

Who's talked to their advisors and booked their hotel rooms? I recommend looking up pictures if you haven't seen this beautiful place.

That weekend is going to be packed with activities and we'll make a lot of memories together; I can't wait to see Western Division in Greensboro!

Renuka khatri
LaTasha Bradford- 2022-2023 N4CSGA President


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