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Hernan Nicasio
Hernan Nicasio

Hello fellow SGA members! I hope that everyone enjoyed yesterday‘s events, and was able to learn more about being an open minded and confident leader! I wanted to bring up an important point of discussion that I believe should be considered in all of our meetings, safety. What safety concerns does your campus struggle with, or is working to alleviate? Is there a large student worry that your campus would like advice on? What has been successful in handling these concerns? Is there a concern held by multiple community colleges that could be addressed via a motion? How so?

Thank you all for the time you had taken to attend this Conference, from one SGA member to another, thank you for stepping up and leading, supporting your fellow students around the state!

If anyone ever needs someone to talk to about an idea, or to chat with about pop culture (although I admit I’m not the most knowledgeable in that area), you can always spot me by my yellow, Gaston College sweater, and my longer hair. Or, just ask for Hernan in Table 14!

Azeeza Evelyna


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