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Get your spirit up!

Right now is the easiest opportunity yet to get your own college ahead in the statewide spirit points rankings...

We're talking about 10 points with every student in your school or another western college you get to join our division chat. (send me an email or reply on this post with every person you get logged in and joined.)

There's real potential to rack up points here so get your whole school involved, as many other students as you know or can reach.

They're not ready to compete with us! Let's make sure NC's recognized most spirited community college is from the best division.

(The spirit point tracker is now on our website.)

Disclaimer, there will be a maximum cap of 300 points (30 students) per school for this particular opportunity. The more representation your school has in our division chat the better.



Welcome to the Western Division group chat! We're here to sh...

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