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ALL N4CSGA Executive Board Positions Are Open!

Spring Elections for the incoming N4CSGA Executive Board Officers takes place during the Spring Conference. Below are the offices available for the 2023-2024 academic year:

● President ● Vice-President ● Secretary ● Parliamentarian ● Treasurer ● Public Information Officer ● Eastern Division Representative ● Central Division Representative ● Western Division Representative ● Student Activities Committee Chair ● Special Populations Committee Chair ● Local Interactions Committee Chair

ALL positions on the executive board and advisor roles are open to apply for. All applicants will participate in a meet the candidates town hall during conference. We ask that all packets be turned into by Monday March 27th, 2023 at NOON

All candidates will have the opportunity to campaign during the conference. Please see packet attached for further information for students.

*Feel free to ask questions below and a member of our team will answer.

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Debra Gill
Debra Gill
Debra Gill
Mar 22, 2023

You will engage with future lifetime relationships while having fun! Please consider running. Your outgoing Local Interactions Chair.



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