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Alexandra Versace
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Good morning everyone,

we will be holding a t-shirt contest until Monday, October 10. Voting for the best t-shirt design will take place at the first division meeting during Fall Conference. All of you will receive a template to design the t-shirt. The contest will take place in each division, and we will be asking all students to design a t-shirt based on their division. Attached below is a form for students to fill out when they are submitting their designs. With your design, please keep the colors of the shirt that your design is on in mind as well. The division colors are as follows:

Eastern Division- Army Green

Central Division- Royal Blue

Western Division- Burgundy

The N4CSGA logo will be on the front of the shirt in bold white letters on the left breast. Students will have full creative freedom on the back of the t-shirt. When creating a design, think about what you would want to represent your division.

What is not acceptable to be incorporated into designs?

-Profanity or demeaning language/images

-No adult content (drugs, swearing, etc.) is allowed

Students can hand draw their designs, create them through a file, on Custom Ink, etc. and then submit their design through the Google Form attached. Also, attached are the designs for the front of the shirts. All designs the students are creating will be printed on the back of the t-shirts.

Eastern Division Color

Central Division Color

Western Division Color If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact me. Alexandra Versace Central Division Chair

Dusty Tilley


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